Season 2 of 100 Days To Indy ‘very likely’ – Miles

Season 2 of 100 Days To Indy ‘very likely’ - Miles
Season 2 of 100 Days To Indy ‘very likely’ - Miles

Following the completion of The CW’s six-part “100 Days To Indy” docuseries made in partnership with VICE Media, Penske Entertainment says it’s in discussions to keep the project, which chronicled pre-season testing through the 107th Indianapolis 500, going in 2024.

“I think it’s very likely that a Season 2 of 100 Days To Indy will be made and released,” Penske Entertainment CEO Mark Miles told RACER. “I think that’s probably the brand, whether it’s six episodes or seven is TBD, but I think this struck gold in a sense, with this approach of documenting the very beginning of our year through the 500. And now there is a brand, 100 Days To Indy, to go to Season 2 makes a lot of sense. All the partners that were involved are talking about what that will look like, and what the distribution will be.”

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Asked if Penske Entertainment would seek a new and larger distribution outlet for future editions of 100 Days, Miles spoke favorably of The CW and the rest of the first project’s team.

“One other really important point is that both The CW, where the impetus for the thing came from, and VICE became great partners,” he added. “They’ve been very complimentary of the relationship that was that developed between all their people at every level — the senior management and working in the field and in our folks — and that’s really helpful. They want to see it succeed and grow. And I’m sure that it will.”

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