Palou riding a career wave: “I don’t want this moment to end”

Palou riding a career wave: "I don't want this moment to end"

Alex Palou has held a firm line throughout the year where he’s politely declined requests to speak about where and for whom he’ll be driving in 2024.

The Chip Ganassi Racing driver, as RACER chronicled in June, has been spoiled with options that range from staying with his current team to departing for Arrow McLaren. His managers have also been busy trying to find opportunities for the Spanish phenom in Formula 1, and with his name held high in silly season conversations for two straight years, Palou has come to a firm realization.

“I cannot wait for this to honestly be over,” Palou told RACER. “To be able to say that I have, I don’t know, a 25-year contract with someone, or whatever, means I’m not going to get those questions anymore!”

RACER understands the Ganassi IndyCar ace and McLaren Formula 1 test driver needs to get to September 1 before his expiring contract allows for negotiations and the conclusion of any official deals to take place w

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