5 things that make IndyCar Racing the most exciting races out there

5 things that make IndyCar Racing the most exciting races out there
5 things that make IndyCar Racing the most exciting races out there

There’s a lot of competition in the car racing market. It is a massive multi-billion-dollar industry. This isn’t just due to huge crowds and worldwide audiences; it is also a result of huge corporate sponsors looking to find the next marquee driver. IndyCar racing has several big names and exciting events that fans worldwide can enjoy. Competitors that IndyCar finds itself up against are the likes of Formula 1 and NASCAR. Many motorsports enthusiasts enjoy all three and don’t discriminate between the different types of motorsports.

However, that’s not to say there’s not a healthy competition between the drivers and the teams involved in the different types of motorsports. Today we will look at the five things that make IndyCar Racing one of the world’s most exciting types of races. In addition, you can find many betting markets online for various motorsports, such as the NASCAR Cup Series.

NASCAR, Formula 1 and IndyCar motorsports require immense levels of skill, training, physical fitness and planning from the driver and the teams involved. It isn’t easy to compare them as each motorsport has its own exciting brand and unique characteristics.

Faster on the straights

The first fact we will explore today is how IndyCar is faster than F1 on the straight run but not in the corners. This is a pro and con because some fans and drivers prefer sharper corners and faster laps. However, some fans and drivers prefer to see higher top speeds and harder acceleration. An F1 driver and car performed on the same lap as an IndyCar driver and car and illustrated this difference. Although the IndyCar was nearly 20mph faster on the straights, the F1 car was quicker on the corners and obtained a faster lap.

Oval racing

Formula 1 cars have not been racing on ovals for a long time. However, the oval racing that IndyCar has offered far more frequently during the season excites motorsports fans and gets people in seats. Not just the seats in the stadium, but their seats at home too. Some fans think IndyCar is more exciting than Formula 1, primarily for this reason.

Of course, the iconic Indy500 is performed on an oval track. A quarter of the races throughout the season are also battled out on the same track type. The remaining courses consist of permanent racetracks, such as road courses and street circuits.

The Indy500

The Indy500 is one of the world’s most watched live sports events. An estimated 250,000 people attend an Indy500 race, with some estimates pushing that figure up to 300,000 people. It is an astonishing number that captures the imagination of people all over the globe, and it has been the subject of several documentaries and films. Some of these date back a number of decades. It is also captured on mainstream sports channels on different continents and is one of the most recognizable motorsports events anywhere on the planet.

Pit stops

In Formula 1, more than two dozen people can be part of the crew that performs a pit stop. This is incredible to watch, but it can also be the reason that a driver wins or loses a race. If it takes more than three seconds, someone on the team isn’t pulling their weight. The driver suffers, and throughout the race, the whole team suffers.

IndyCar pit stops are an entirely different affair. Only six members can make up the pit stop team, making it more difficult for the team and highlighting the skill involved. In addition to this, they can also refuel the vehicle.

This allows the opportunity for more mistakes and makes the whole event more exciting than F1 pit stops. They can be breathtaking to watch but also very methodical. With so many team members, there’s less pressure on each individual.


The final point we’ll make today is that overtaking is exciting in a managed and controlled race of IndyCar, where you will find it happening much more often than in Formula 1.

Despite the clear skill involved in Formula 1, it is rare to see a race with multiple overtakes as the cars are much zippier around the corners. This isn’t the case for IndyCar, and multiple overtakes can make the races much more exciting for the average fan, maybe not so much for the driver. Although, I’m sure they’re no stranger to the adrenaline rush of a successful overtake.

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